Boo Days 306 307 – The Camera Broke, Feathers Are Everywhere, Splash Needs Assertiveness Training

Stella loves laying on my bed. She has been claiming it as hers. Boo has been practicing his sitting and Splash has been coming out for his meals. Boo cries every time I open up a can of cat food. The camera fell and broke. The roses are blooming. Boo sneaks downstairs to eat whatever cat food is left from the other cats. Hydrox looks like he has a new summer coat. He likes to lay in the dirt and keep cool. The cats all had crunchies together. The downstairs cat found some kind of feather toy and there are feathers all over the place from it. Splash needs assertiveness training.

Music: Bluesy Vibe by Doug Maxwell

Hey Girl by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


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