Boo Days 345 & 346 – The 3rd and 4th Of July With Cat Mukbang And A Flying Super Boo

I was looking all over the house for Simba and finally found him sleeping underneath Boo’s bed. Boo didn’t want to wear a 4th of July hat because he would rather wear his Super Boo cape. I put some fresh catnip on their food to see if they would eat it better. They didn’t. They’re not too crazy about the Primal Raw Duck Nuggets but they do go back and eat them. The cats celebrated the 4th of July and ate on their 4th of July placemats and plates. They had canned fishy food as a treat. Splash had been a bully to Boo. Someone overate and then vomited. The cats enjoyed the Primal Raw Pronto Bites for dinner. Simba loves Boo. The cats all played with their new star toys from Zoa.


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