Boo Year 2 # 173 – A Rainy Day, Sitting On A Tray Of Catnip, A New First For Splash

Simba was sleeping by the windows. Stella loves her royal cat bed. Boo loves to lay on his favorite chair. It was raining. I went to Trader Joe’s to buy raw chicken for the cats. The cashier told me that his wife is a vet who makes house calls and specializes in senior pets and senior citizens. The cats had some tuna on top of their food. The cats were hanging out by the back door. The cats tried some of the ZooRoyal Pate Cat Food. Hydrox loves to lay in the sun. The cats had catnip in a plastic tray and then they decided to sit in the tray on top of the catnip. Everything takes longer to do when you have cats. Splash made progress and had a new first!



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