Boo Year 2 # 176 – Bed Territory, Catty Whackers, More Progress For Splash

Boo Days 647 and 648. Boo loves sleeping on my bed. Stella loves sleeping in the corner of the couch. Boo likes to lay with the black cat pillows in his room. Stella and Boo rubbed up against each other again but I don’t think either of them realized it. Hydrox was hanging out under the house. The cats had a side to side taste test with the homemade raw food and canned sardines. Stella slept in her royal bed all night. Boo is being territorial with my bed. Stella was hunting the cat grass. Someone pulled the runner off of the top of the shelves. Stella and Boo like to play with the Catty Whack Toy together. Splash is a piebald cat. Splash continues to make progress and have new firsts.


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