Boo Year 2 # 179 – Grandma Feral Cat Sitting, A Beautiful Day In Nashville, Splash Out Of Hiding

Boo Day 652 The cats hang out around Grandma Feral when they want to eat. Splash is still hiding during meals. Grandpa Feral cleaned off the cat tower downstairs. Stella loves to look out the back door. It was a beautiful day in Nashville and since there was no breakfast included with the hotel room and the food options in the hotel were extremely limited, I was so happy to have gone to Trader Joe’s the day before and pick up fruit and juices. Simba and Boo were hanging out on the bed together. Let’s take a peek inside of a Nashville recording studio. Splash finally came out to eat dinner with the other cats. Hydrox ate his dinner on the patio. The cats all had crunchies together downstairs, including Splash.


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  • I really enjoy Lucky Ferals. One comment I have is that I much prefer silence in the background of the video over any kind of music. Of course your commentary is great.
    I just found you and I have learned so much from your videos. I have a heart for feral cats and have fed them over the years as they get dropped off at my house. I’m sorry I can’t give them all a home. Cats love having a home. Thank you again.