Boo Year 2 # 49 – Simba’s Stroller Ride, The Cat Toy Mess, Meet Buddy And Olive

Boo Days 445, 446, 447 and 448 The cats ate their breakfast Texas BBQ style on a sheet of paper. Simba took a ride outside in the cat stroller. All of the toys in the cat toy basket were dumped onto the play rug. The cats all got crunchies. Simba got pets. Boo saw a spinning fidget spinner for the first time. Boo was watching squirrels. Boo was excited to have the house to himself for a day and a half. Grandma Feral has two little cats, which are probably teenage kittens, coming around her house for food. One is gray and the other is black. I think they both look like females. What do you think?


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