Boo Year 2 # 52 – Finicky Eaters, Cat Food Haul, Cats Try CBD Oil Again

Boo Days 452 and 453 The cats tried gummy bears that were holding treats. Boo is getting very fussy in what food he will eat. Simba and Splash have a nightly ritual where Simba wants Splash to lick his head and then he wrestles with him. Splash smelled Boo and Boo swatted at him. Boo claimed the bed. I think he and Stella have some kind of alternating night agreement for the bed. The cats had reconstituted freeze dried raw food for breakfast. Hydrox tried freeze dried raw food for the first time. I bought some chicken parts so I could try experimenting with making my own raw food for the cats. I went to several pet food stores and bought a bunch of raw food and freeze dried food for the cats.


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