Boo Year 2 # 53 – Giving Medicine To The Cats, Winterizing The Feral Cat Shelter And Feeder

Boo Days 454 and 455 Hydrox came by for breakfast. Grandma and Grandpa Feral came for a visit. Boo played with his ostrich feather. The cats got their second round of medicine for roundworms. The insulated feral cat shelter was cleaned out and set up for the winter with a heated pet mat, a self-heating pet mat, and some cozy fleece blankets. Let’s go look at some crazy Halloween decorations. There was another face on Splash’s nose. Simba showed us how he likes to jump off of the cat tower. The patio was set up for the winter with all of the extension cords plugged in and the Thermo Kitty Cafe heated pet bowls set up also. The cats tried some homemade raw food. I had to mix other stuff into it to get them to eat it. Splash wouldn’t touch it.



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