Boo Year 2 # 55 – Cat Play Time With The Grabber, Colder Weather, Where Is Simba?

Boo Days 458 and 459 Simba sleeps in weird positions. Boo likes to lay on the bed with Stella. Splash likes to hang out on top of the cat tower with Stella. Hydrox was under the house near the cat shelters. The cats had play time with the grabber and the Ikea doll bed. If I mix a little canned food into Boo’s raw food, then he eats it better. The cats had crunchies. The weather got colder. Hydrox came by for breakfast. Boo tested out a new Halloween laser pointer video for cats. It got his approval. The cats got mail. Simba as sleeping in Stella’s cardboard cat house. Hydrox had dinner.





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