Boo Year 2 # 67 – Getting Cats To Eat Homemade Raw Cat Food, What Spooked Boo?

Boo Days 473 and 474. The cats are trying out the first batch of homemade raw food from the homemade raw food experiment. The goal is to get them used to this new kind of food in addition to the commercially prepared raw foods that they’ve been eating and then gradually transition them over to a diet that is mostly homemade. They seem to like toppings on it like Bench And Field treats and freeze dried chicken bites. I ordered a meat grinder that should arrive in a week. Hydrox walked toward me while I was putting food out for him. The cats got some freshly grown cat grass to eat. Shaking a container of crunchies is the equivalent of ringing a dinner bell for cats. Simba spooked Boo.



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