Boo Year 2 # 86 – A Brush For Hydrox, Transitioning To Raw Food, Squeeze Up Soup

The cats ate crunchies together. Splash hit Boo on the head. The cats ate breakfast together. Splash was hanging out with Mini Boo. Hydrox loves tuna soup. I attempted to brush Hydrox with a long handled shower brush. He would not let me closer than a foot to him. I gave Hydrox a Squeeze-up: and some Instinct Raw Freeze Dried Chicken Bites:

As the inside cats are transitioning to a homemade raw diet, Hydrox is starting to transition to a partially freeze-dried raw diet. Hydrox likes to eat Squeeze Up Soup.

The cats and I were up until 3 o’clock in the morning and only got a few hours sleep. These cats are not morning cats. I’m adjusting their portion sizes on the homemade raw food. The cats get disoriented when my schedule changes. Hydrox loves Squeeze Ups.


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